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SSAW Boutique Hotel Shanghai Bund (Narada Boutique Hotel Shanghai Yu Garden) is located in the bustling core area of Huangpu District,  close to Metro Line 8 & 10 stations. It is just a five-minute walks away from Yuyuan Garden and Huaihai Road.    All rooms are well appointed and feature high-quality mattresses. The south-east style on-site restaurant specializes in Cantonese and local cuisines [View Detail]

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  • cs2883524
    Yes, you can
  • Aliceban
    Location is good, room is clean, but in two rooms one of them with an unpleasant smell, very simple, no special character stuff, the overall feeling you can also, at least the sheets clean and comfortable, this is very important.
  • flyingbaby911
    Travel Shanghai, the hotel is really good, good environment, very clean, breakfast was good, room, from the Yu Yuan garden and the City God Temple near, walk five minutes to YuYuan garden, very close to the Metro station.
  • Betty866
    Also, great location, Line 10 subway line, exit 4th left turn takes a few minutes to,
  • Bruce_fan
    Hotel in Line 10 line 4th, YuYuan garden export North, to Bund YuYuan garden Huai sea Nanjing Road, are is convenient. breakfast good. shop within foreign guests proportion more high, may main is with many of abroad of travel agency cooperation of sake. but relative,, price somewhat partial high, may main is your in location Shang. near traffic convenient, to Pudong as long as had people road tunnel on can has.
  • aiyuggf
    Breakfast was good
  • panyu32
    In online see has evaluation Hou selected has this hotel. this location is good, away from YuYuan garden walk 7, 8 minutes on to, away from Bund also is near, about 15,120 minutes. away from 10th, Metro station is near, anyway travel is convenient. front desk staff attitude is friendly. breakfast varieties good. only think insufficient of is bathroom taste is big, led to whole between House has unit smell.
  • xijwutao
    Price is good, clean and comfortable, breakfast was great, many choices.
  • leafland
  • balcon8
    Good location, rooms, everything, is an area a little smaller, but does not affect anything, good
  • E03358919
    It's not bad
  • seepixar
  • gaowenbo_1981
    It's OK.
  • jaliwang365
    Very warm and very good
  • pcattle
    Well, that is expensive
  • e00436649
    Hotel very nice, from the Yu garden, the Bund, Nanjing Road is very close, also convenient, quiet, crooked nuts a lot! nice drops
    Nearby attractions are not far away, easily accessible, the hotel is very quiet, room clean, breakfast is fairly abundant, garden restaurant feels particularly good
  • yadon
    Breakfast is good, taste good
  • dreammelody
    Room is good, is luxury of feel, bed is soft, around has bed mantle, feel like Princess bed, selected has several genius selected of this hotel, location very good, away from YuYuan garden Metro station very near, around YuYuan garden, Temple, Bund go more than 10 20 minutes on can to; room is big, has sofa, bathroom also super big of; breakfast is good, is in four floor terrace eat of; hotel staying of foreigners many, took elevator upstairs need brush room card, feel Super security of. only insufficient,Didn't see the floor of the room, on the third floor, high in the room can see the Bund.
  • maplewine
    Breakfast was good, feeling good, to go more than 10 minutes from the Metro.
  • edwina0927
    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?. ? ? ? ? ? ? ?(?) ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?. ? ? ? ? ?. ? 5? ? ? 4? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?. 10? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?.
  • d03841518
    The price is not worth
  • joebabe
    All right
  • Winnie-
    Shandong villagers make families feel very satisfied with the service at the front desk, warm and enthusiastic, so comfortable. room seemed to have lived a long time no one, on the table there is a layer of Earth. hotel room view. unique is the bathroom door seemed old, very loud when opened and closed.
  • cinderealla
    Very good, service very good, there are free drinks, a lot of foreigners.
  • cindyli88
    Really good! the hotel fa?ade is not very visible, and even on the street, without the beautiful gate and the front office, but does not preclude internal exquisite! Expatriate staff were very friendly, when many foreigners were found, based on past experience should feel wrong. not surprisingly, staying and found a very comfortable, reasonable rooms, bathroom space is very large, with separate dressing table, large tub, separate sink on both sides, complete bathroom amenities and detailsIt feels very hard! Room decoration is Chinese, although some traces of the old, but still very tasty! Four-storeyed restaurant with terrace you can enjoy the Sun, accompanied by a few birds and goldfish in the pond, feeling of vitality and fun, environment! breakfast is exquisite, Western and many varieties, service was polite and thoughtful, and worthy of praise! Commercial facilities around the hotel are many restaurants shopping entertainment available, enough to walk, golden week holiday staying at pricesRising but still feel value for money!
  • jcwclp
    Hotel location, cost-effective
  • guoxu1984
    Recently, every time I go to Shanghai are staying this hotel, Netherlands worked, easy communication. the overall service was very good.
  • lionline29
    Far of see hotel building, slightly explicit old State, into inside is is journey into amazing caves, service is good, welcome bin has courtesy, facilities complete, room is unlikely to, compared warm, noise is good. everywhere reflected has Hotel environmental of concept. is good of hotel. breakfast period of service let I cannot understanding, first days breakfast sat down, chopsticks Shang has points white of similar food slag, assumed to think didn't wash clean, hand wipe wipe, forget, tainted eat has didn't disease! eat has while, waiterTo pack I next of table, zhiqian that guest I see he only moving has fork, no moving chopsticks and knife, waiter actually just put tableware pendulum pendulum good, on go has, days which, implement environmental is such of did? regardless of health? I suddenly thought just chopsticks Shang of things, couldn't help a nausea. next days observation has about, has a waiter, women, see tableware not too mess of on not received go, just pendulum pendulum good, slightly swab wipe, addition a waiter, women, baseThis will received go tableware for a new of. a a enterprise has a enterprise of style and enterprise culture, hotel I first times staying days time, the aspects I experience to thick of environmental consciousness. but health not equivalent Yu environmental, regardless of is hotel of problem also is employees personal mood of problem, breakfast period see such of stories, also is compared not happy of. Hotel overall I is satisfaction, also will staying, but breakfast, I will himself to took tableware, pendulum in table Shang of I is not to withAnd shadow
  • mayefei1106
    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?. ? ? 1~2km ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?. ?, ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?. ? ? ? ? ?. ? ? ? ? ? ? ?. Good!
  • cici618
    Good location, old equipment, and price/performance
  • leefeier
    Overall is fine, breakfast also good.
  • e04085282
    Very good hotel, the rooms at makes me full of surprises! software and hardware is good, location is also very good, child care time and again must give praise, Oh
  • iowissen
    Service is good, parking is not easy
  • a77652408
    Selected for several days, finally decided to live in it, from the door, he felt warm, reception, was especially good, warm welcome, send ice water, Elevator card, security in place, room facilities, clean, beds very comfortable and big. Bathroom a little tile off, calls to the front desk, front desk immediately addressed, master report when you are finished front desk, front desk feels very warm, then later want to change, do not bother. All in all, staying here I feelPrice is very good, also, the main or front desk service, really satisfying, Oh there was half a bottle of mineral water bottle in the fridge, and may have forgotten, but are small, heart happy
  • andre
    very good
  • e00226446
    Temporary travel, hotels nice upgraded rooms, the residential car park behind the hotel, the reception guys show us the way in the rain. room 3003 floor arched up, is quite good, the breakfast is also very good
  • ainexo
    Overall OK, but a little expensive ... ...!
  • cgy90117
    Good location, convenient to the Bund/Temple/Street what subway just next to the hotel. room size, facility is new, is lack of humanity, such as the bathroom is no place to hang clothes and a towel ... ... Health status is very good, clean and tidy.
  • Amanda Nan
    Locations good, Line 10 line YuYuan Garden station 4th, mouth out, walk not to 5 minutes. service good, front desk and breakfast of waiter attitude are is good. room good, space compared small, but comfortable clean, air conditioning quiet, only shortcomings is indoor lights compared dark (has many lamp lamp, but full has also is slightly explicit Dim). breakfast select more, hot dish compared oil, General also line. satisfaction!
  • dawson1009
    Preferred staying place to Shanghai, liked his style, like his rich breakfast, staff was very helpful, have moved for the second time, this time to upgrade the room, bang bang da
  • Bryanrage
    Very nice, on Huaihai Road, room upgrade, great experience
  • e03374465
    Room was small, environment good, breakfast was delicious!
  • cyrusvc
    That's good
  • rtwcc
    When too many of our own choice, chose this location can also
  • spiderjwd
    This is the hotel I would always choose when I am in Shanghai, it is near the subway station, which makes it very convenient to travel around. It is not far away from Nanjing Road and the Bund either. The room is nice and clean, there are free drinks and biscuits in the samll fridge. The staff there is hospitable and friendly. In short, everything makes you feel like home.
  • yilong
    Pretty good
  • Juliana7
    Very satisfied