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Entered the Shanghai characteristic night market: zhongyuan road

Date: 2014-11-15

NO3 zhongyuan road
Time: 2 hours
Hook: it's getting dark, zhongyuan road auchan supermarket door, presents a busy scene. Inside the supermarket bustling passenger flow constantly, supermarket, hundreds of stalls in full. Placed between various crowd doping, the goods also has distinguishing feature quite, not like some vendors randomly arranged the goods, but under the vendor personalized dab hand, reasonable use of every inch of space, put out the pattern of the most attractive eyes.
Close loot: countries and end of the street, a street vendors selling socks. Stockings 15 yuan per pair, quality of a material is good, better business owner don't have time to say hello to you.
Three, pedestrian street night market
Popularity: u u u u
Substantial degree: u u u u
Had not been said here is the pedestrian street in the street, because their position is close to or near schools, estuary metro subway is an office worker must work. Look at these workers watching in the street after work then shuttle, walk is some feeling.
Because consumers are white-collar workers, so the things here are filled with bags, disk and fashion products. Now white-collar also put stall in here, is very popular with young people in each other's taste, the unique communication language, to sell goods, all have good grades.
NO1 dongchang road
Time: 1.5 hours
Hook: night market in Shanghai, still can and linfen road than have a "stall", also only pudong near dongchang road subway station. Here, you don't have to worry about the wallet dry and the waiter's eyes, every vendor to you as a god. In own words: "because the business is good, so the mood is good." Dongchang road credit, it is so "eyes".
World square near the bus station, some dim lamplight, basic is by street lamp and bus stops advertising light box on the edge of the light to light up the street. At half past seven in the evening, near the tower of the outdoor lights, on the whole place has improve shopping environment.
Each time lay in the stream of people is different. From 7 PM to 8 PM from work should be based on residual force is given priority to, between many white-collar MM heel BF here from work to go shopping date; At half past eight after stream of people less, basically give priority to in order to go shopping after return customers.
Prize: a small zero wallet 3 yuan a, fluffy cartoon hairpin 5 yuan a pair. Sell the basic here are a few girls small ornaments, hair clips, necklaces, wallet, socks, key chain and so on. Standing here let a person the feeling of mouse off well in the barrel, was a street of heaven.