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Royal pavilion hotel Wu Qiyuan: mid-market wolves have come, how to survive?

Date: 2016-08-18

Overweight as many hotels group with domestic hotel market in the end, end hotel market in China has already entered into the rise of the period.International and domestic hotel group is in a variety of means to realize the high-speed expansion in China.Wisdom to choose a holiday, the aloft, Hilton huan friends, jia hin, jiaru, Wan Feng foreign brands and joint venture brand mid-market field are more and more obviously become the main opposition, in the domestic economy hotel to upgrade the momentum is becoming more and more fierce.As the earliest to enter the selected area and maintain the sustainable competitive advantage in the royal pavilion hotel, how to think about competition in the field of hotel in China?

"It seems that the Wolf really came, but also more than one, is a group of wolves."Pavilion hotel in the just-concluded 2016 semi-annual work conference, the chairman Mr Wu Qiyuan at present the hotel the competitive landscape in the end, the titled "Wolf has come, how to survive?"Impromptu speech, on the present situation of the mid-market carried on the thorough analysis, thought provoking.

Jun ting Wu Qiyuan, chairman of the board of the restaurant

"China is a very strange market, as long as the money which one industry, there are a lot of money to compete. Do you have a good idea, but not to occupy the market rapidly and will be replaced by others or eliminate. Many such examples. Health, medical, O2O, P2P company, already dead, a large number. This is what we in the face of China's economic situation. The enterprise to survive, must have certain scale, otherwise unable to compete. I said the survival, is, in the broadest sense of the strict sense, is the survival of the brand."

Deep in the field of high-end collection 10 years, the royal pavilion hotel has a variety of products in the field of high-end limited service hotel in model, good financial data to support, as well as the obvious product identification, a more successful market operating experience, now is developing into a benign orbit.In the stores on the basis of steady development, the pavilion hotel entrusted management, and has been cleared to join.According to the international hotel industry law of development, general hotel chain developed on the basis of 20, will enter the following the outbreak of the first stage.

In the first half of 2016, the company's project development to accelerate the development, the total number of more than 5000 rooms.Among them, the new signing hotel a total of nine, heaven and earth were successfully Shanghai InnoSpace projects pavilion hotel, Shanghai appropriate hill peak Thai royal pavilion hotel, ningbo, hangzhou thousand island lake pavilion hotel Europe HuaJunTing hotel, dongyang, hefei zhongxing gentleman kiosks and kunshan royal pavilion hotel, new basic completed two projects along the qinhuai river in nanjing hotel blog layout.On this basis, the north of shenzhen as the center, royal pavilion for signing and joining reserve project entrusted management and more than 10.Company will continue the deepening Yangtze river delta, and gradually open the main core city development pattern in the country.Your booth is the preparation and the contracted hotels, for strengthening high side with the current market positioning difference of the hotel, for the company to obtain more stable excellent returns on cash flow.Of the differences between market positioning and pricing power has become the fundamental guarantee of gentleman kiosks vitality.

Shanghai BaiYangJun pavilion hotel book

After years of market operation and the accumulation of experience, the business model of the pavilion jun has been mature, plus from jun rings in the accumulation of experience, in the first half of the royal pavilion successful launch of "1 + 2 + 8" join the entrusted management model.Namely a year early technical service, 2 years of entrusted management, 8 years of joining the management;In accordance with Chinese owners and join in the model.Such a model, not only the core of the royal pavilion hotel is implemented products, guarantee the products consistently, further development of the pattern of light assets, realize the effective utilization of human resources and the comprehensive and rapid expansion of business ability.

Pavilion hotel Shanghai zhongxing garden terrace

Even so, Wu Qiyuan chairman when face to face with the market competition, also feel obvious stress."Survival, be about to consider strategic thinking. The company the next stage, must be strong to expand, responsibility to the people, accelerate the realization of the mass of jun ting brand extension, preemption is growing Chinese consumer market and emerging high-end middle-class consumers."

Wolf has come, the core of the royal pavilion survival, is to "keep is surprising.Vigorously develop projects at the same time, the company will unswervingly in high-end products limited service.Unique cultural and artistic differences, market positioning and exquisite description of service, to ensure that your booth as a high-end collection of leading position among domestic provides the winning conditions.Good at the same time, make full use of every square metre, the value of each person, in the hotel key products (mattresses, bed is tasted, breakfast, hot water, recreational space, and the guest pay close attention to, such as water, air conditioning, lights and air index terms of the quality of products reach high star hotel level. As a result of product price, location clear, the royal pavilion investment yields better than other hotels in the same industry, meet the demand for the quality of the middle class, science and balanced the relationship between the "cost, profit and quality".

Personal heroism "lone Wolf era" has ended, mid-range hotel market Wolf has come, at the same time there is a group of new wolves are coming, in trouble.Wall Street has such a proverb: "the wolves, will learn the Wolf."Coexist in a pack of wolves "wolves era", the ability of survival, will continue to inspire your booth management team of sex Wolf spirit and morale, innovation, difference, reform, change, will ensure that the pavilion hotel become the leader in the field of high-end collection.